Workplace Wellness

Offering Workplace Wellness since 2004, I've had the honor of witnessing deep and meaningful transformation, on both the individual and organizational level, again and again. The practices of yoga and meditation are powerful tools that can help build cohesion and stability in the workplace and act as the 'glue' that strengthens the bonds of any group. When an organization makes a commitment to practice together, an internal sense of openness and well-being is established, thereby not only increasing workplace satisfaction and productivity but adding undeniable value to its mission and purpose in the world.


Upon deciding to work together, we'll design a customized Workplace Wellness plan that fits your organization's unique goals and needs. From onsite yoga and meditation classes, to special offsite team building events and retreats, to creating a mindful office environment, my services will support your team's sense of daily balance and well-being and inspire long-term stability and growth. From Marin to San Francisco, let me bring the peace of mind that yoga provides to you.

Weekly or bi-weekly onsite classes

Making space in the workday to roll out the mat and practice is a powerful way to clear away obstacles and find balance.

Special offsite events and retreats

Whether for a day or a weekend, sometimes stepping away from the office is the best way to build team report and cohesion.

mindful office environments

From what's on the walls to what's in the fridge, a mindful office environment  increases satisfaction, flow and productivity.

For the bird of enlightenment to fly, it must have two wings; the wing of wisdom and the wing of compassion.