Yoga + spa retreat: tulum, Mexico; february 13 -18, 2018

Playa Viva Resort: Zihautanejo, Mexico; January 2015

Amansala Resort: Tulum, Mexico November 2012

Wilbur Hot Springs: Williams, CA April 2012

"Jen, thank you so much for putting this retreat together, for being an amazing teacher and role model, your energy and spirit are radiant. You're blessed with a tremendous gift, please continue to share it with us." -Robin

"This is my fifth retreat with Jen, and every time I'm reminded of how wonderfully grounding practice is with her; it's the perfect balance between reverence and irreverence, the soul and the body.  Wilbur Hot Springs was a special place and the camaraderie of the women was wondrous, but I honestly think I could practice with Jen in a BART station and still feel rejuvenated and inspired." -Jen 


"Thank you for teaching me how to listen to my inner feedback - knowing when to push myself further - but more importantly when to pull back, re-align and sit on my more true "edge" of discomfort rather than blasting through it in a maladaptive fashion. You have the presence of heart and mind to guide people in their inner journey and succeed where many other teachers succumb to the modern "yogarobics" routine." -Heidi


"You are a precious resource and treasured teacher because you actually walk the walk.  We recognize that the insights you have come from that hard earned experience, and are grateful that you share them with us." -Ellie

Mayacamas Ranch: Calistoga, CA April 2011

"You are a DEEPLY GENEROUS teacher. You bring your honest humanity and heart and struggles and love to each class, and we feel understood and encouraged for having spent time with you." -Ellie


" The weekend was perfect and it was simply wonderful and amazing to be with you, my first teacher, who i treasure so very much. You are such a gifted teacher, Jen and what a tribute to who you are to assemble such a fabulous group of women!" -Gina

Maya Tulum: Tulum, Mexico November 2008

"I must admit I was a little bit apprehensive about being a mostly self-taught beginner and going to a retreat that included practice twice a day, but you made me feel so at ease and welcome that those feelings vanished the first day." —Tina

"Thank you for providing a space for healing; now that I'm home, I continue to realize how huge the insights I gained and the benefits I reaped during our week together are." —Stephanie


"Thank you so much for sharing your obvious love of yoga with us. I can't tell you what a difference this retreat has made in my outlook and I truly feel that I'm bringing my newfound hope and optimism home with me." —Anna

Maya Tulum: Tulum, Mexico November 2007

"The clarity and purity of purpose that you exude is such an inspiration in my practice. Spending a week in paradise with you took me further than a year of work on my own could have." —Jen P. 

"This experience was so very powerful...strengthening, restorative, relaxing and grounding...truly life changing." —Tara


"I couldn't have asked for more from this week, in this beautiful part of the world with your guidance and support, surrounded by such an authentic and amazing group of women...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" —Gina


"What an amazing created such a beautiful atmosphere of community, trust, and growth. This retreat was a truly nourishing experience." —Alyson

OZ Farm: Point Arena, CA June 2007

"I came to the retreat wanting time and space to just 'be'.  This retreat gave me exactly that." —Anonymous

"On the Learning To Listen retreat a community and intimacy was created - there was opportunity to listen and share which made the experience not only amazing, but supportive as well.  The retreat brought together such a wonderful, creative and diverse community.  It was truly thrilling." —Kirthi


"I loved the mood and atmosphere Jonathan and Jen set.  They are ever-present, kind and very real, and truly encourage each person to shine.  This has been a renewing and uplifting weekend." —Anonymous


"This Learning To Listen retreat was deeply rejuvenating.  I'm coming back." —Kristen

Wildwood: Guerneville, CA March 2007

"You created a centering, restorative retreat experience with a wonderful community of women. The yoga classes were fantastic and the retreat was a wonderful way to spend a weekend." —Alyson 

"A women's retreat is such a unique and grounding experience. You create an incredible environment, with a perfect balance of structure and freedom." —Jen P. 

"You created a beautiful, safe space to practice and to share and made it all feel effortless." —Ellie 

"What a blessing . . . what a blessing . . . thank you!" —Anonymous

Maya Tulum: Tulum, Mexico September 2006

"I came to the retreat with a critical eye; I left with an open mind and tender heart." —Mary 

"I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who wants to expand their mind, body, and spirit in an amazingly beautiful paradise." —Neil 

"This was my first yoga retreat and I am so happy to have found such an incredible 'gift' for myself.  Maya Tulum was simply gorgeous and inspirational – the sea, the spa, the palapas – magical." —Jen P. 

"I'm going home with way more than I came here with!" —Jen F. 

“I came expecting some work with my intention – giving and receiving love.  I am leaving with more love than I could ever imagine – a new community, a new joy in my yoga practice, and a deeper belief in the power of intention." —Erin

Wilbur Hotsprings: Wilbur, CA July 2006

Yoga Magic: Goa, India March 2006

"I read and was told that India is a place of contradictions, yet you can never understand the enormity of that statement until you experience it.  You don't visit India, you experience it.  Being on the retreat was in this same spirit, an experience that you have to have on your own, and I recommend it ... if you want to explore that inner you, the world you live in and the world around you, this retreat will give you the tools required to handle the job.  I would do it again." —Daniel

“Jonathan and Jen's retreat to India was a very unique experience, and Yoga Magic was the perfect setting for the work that we did.  Their different styles of teaching complimented each other beautifully, and thus the experience had both Ying and Yang elements.  The power and magic of India also played an important role in this very transformational experience.  I'm soooooooo glad that I did it." —Wendy

Maya Tulum: Tulum, Mexico June 2005

"Jen’s class was a welcome delight. Her style was challenging, expressing itself through a luxurious, complex and slower format that balanced Jonathan’s rigorous classes beautifully." -Stephanie

Back to Earth Yoga & Backpacking: Yosemite, CA July 2005

"Jen had a gift for knowing what our group needed - sometimes inspiring us with her intensity - sometimes warming our hearts with her humor and playfulness. She grounded us in the essentials: breath, gaze, intention, and alignment; then encouraged us upwards on the path to liberation of heart, body, and mind. I look forward to classes, workshops, and retreats with her in the future." -Duncan

For the bird of enlightenment to fly, it must have two wings; the wing of wisdom and the wing of compassion.