mindful vinyasa yoga

Jen's invigorating Mindful Vinyasa Yoga classes emphasize strong flowing movement synchronized with simple breath awareness and encourage a nourishing balance between effort and ease. Her light hearted and down to earth approach offers an opportunity to explore the present state of body and mind and her classes are woven through with threads of insight to create a mindful, meditative journey.


With compassionate support and gentle guidance, Jen strives to create an environment in which it is possible to release layers of tension and unconscious habits of holding and, above all, to meet whatever arises in the moment with patience and kindness. It is Jen's deepest hope that her students emerge from their practice prepared to move out into the world with greater ease and peace of mind and more able to inhabit the present moment fully.



For the bird of enlightenment to fly, it must have two wings; the wing of wisdom and the wing of compassion.