what's in YOUR sunscreen...???

what's the good of covering your body in sunscreen if it's full of hazardous chemicals...how do we know which sunscreens are most effective and safe for our families...what's a mindful momma to do??? thankfully, the environmental working group's cosmetic database has many of the answers. these folks have really done their homework, testing the ingredients of thousands of common products we use on our bodies everyday, including sunscreen. admittedly, i arrived to the wisdom of suncreen a bit late in life but am definitely a convert now. and, while i'm not slathering everyone from head to toe the instant the sun comes up/out, i do think it's important to avoid direct, prime solar hours via clothing, hats, shade and sunscreen to protect myself and my family from potential harm. so, before you slather it on, check out ewg's amazing database to see how your sunscreen rates for effectiveness and safety first.

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