happy spring everyone...!!!

taking a walk in the woods...
taking a walk in the woods...

a friend recently quoted someone as saying 'you can either go through your life thinking nothing is a miracle or you can choose to see EVERYTHING as a miracle'. in the spring...with everything growing, blooming, and stretching towards the sun...it's almost impossible to be in the first camp. as the days become longer and the light becomes brighter, may we reflect on the wonder of life and the beauty of our natural world. so, get outside, take a walk, breathe some air and feel the miracle of hope and peace blooming in your heart...happy spring everyone!!!

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    Anita (Thursday, 02 May 2013 14:19)

    Such a wonderful way to look at the world! I love this reminder. I remember at my loneliest times, thinking that everything was a miracle was such a help.