it's the climate, silly...

well, the third and final presidential debate has come and gone and there's still been no mention of climate change betwixt or between the candidates. not super surprising but no less disappointing. in these interesting times, there are doubtless numerous issues which merit fierce conversation and debate, but what could be more pressing and basic than life on earth.


perhaps it's reducing things to a silly level, but it seems that our endless power struggles over politics, economics and religion have really worked humanity into a corner. when i put my kid to bed at night, there's no bigger heart ache and concern for me than the uncertainty i feel about the kind of world he's inheriting. and, climate change is right up there.


so what's a concerned (scared silly) parent to can we hope to affect change when our leaders refuse to address our deepest hopes and fears...perhaps it's time to join together as parents and fight. for, surely, there's no better, bigger, more important way we can support our children than to work to stem climate change. it's at least worth a mention, right?



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