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photo credit: sally anscombe/getty images
photo credit: sally anscombe/getty images

have been thinking a lot lately about my technology habits... desperately trying to remain low tech...and the impact those habits have on my mind, my heart, and my parenting. just yesterday, henry said 'close your computer now, mom...' and i was humbled if not a bit embarrassed. his innocent request was a bit of a revelation, as i'd spent much of the afternoon catching up on email and updating my website and he was rightfully annoyed. it's astonishing how many faces are shrouded behind various gadgets these days...walking down the street, sitting in cafes, driving cars (!)...everyone's staring at a screen. remember sitting and staring into someone's eyes, a starry sky, a cup of coffee, or even just into space, for goodness sake???


of course, as a self employed yoga teacher, a certain amount of digital communication is necessary for my business. but, i definitely find myself using the computer at times much as i used the television as a kid and young adult; to tune out and anesthetize myself from thinking, feeling, and just being. for the past decade, being relatively low tech has been part of my mindfulness practice. for instance, while we own a few computers, our family does not own a television. and, although i covet them, nor do we own any iphones (or, even a cell phone that's worth a damn). in fact, i'm kind of proud to say that i've never even sent a text message. and, as of this writing, you can not follow me on twitter nor 'friend' me on facebook. but, still, i must admit that i'm a bit of a computer junky.


recently, amongst my various internet purusings, i ran across an article by the wonderful writer, woman/mother, and all-around inspiring person dominique browning about just this subject. and, while there's certainly much more i could share about my personal struggle to stay human and not be sucked into the digital abyss...where people have the illusion of communicating, connecting, and interrelating...i really should get off the computer. you can read 'why cell phones are bad for parenting' by ms. browning here.

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