good night, maurice.....

our family has been reading and loving maurice sendak's classic children's books since henry was two...just old enough to be thrilled with the beasts of 'where the wild things are'...although a bit too scary at times, always among his very favorites. at an old beach cabin one long, late-summer weekend, we reveled in watching a worn vhs collection of sendak stories, replete with a heartwarming sound track by carole king, again and again.


from those days forward, stories such as 'in the night kitchen'; 'pierre'; 'alphabet all around'; and of course 'where the wild things are' were regular library acquisitions. it was so sweet to (re)discover these beloved stories from my own childhood with my child. while henry is currently more enthralled with pirates, superheros, and other, more intense symbols of 'wildness', a sign on his door still declares "let the wild rumpus start...!!!".


what kid can't relate with max and his search for autonomy and security and adventure and safety in his world? what kid doesn't struggle with monsters and other 'wild things'? luckily, during this phase, we were forward thinking enough to record henry at two years old reciting 'where the wild things are' word for word. a treasure to keep, like all of sendak's stories, tucked safely away in our hearts forever. good night, maurice.....

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    jack (Thursday, 25 October 2012 22:16)

    i love you