so long summer

summer is almost's amazing how fast it's flown by...i'm just realizing that my last post was way back in may. it was not my intention to take such a long break from this space, it's not as if we were away on any great adventures or anything. however, we did manage to get away a few times this summer. although, sadly, never had the pleasure of sleeping outside despite new camping gear. maybe in the fall.


while we've had some lazy days around here these past few months to be sure, things have been as busy as ever and we're gearing up for lots of changes and activity this autumn. first and foremost, my 'baby' is getting ready to head off to preschool. how this has come to be is a complete mystery to me. seems that it was just yesterday that henry was arriving and now we're preparing for his first 'departure', albeit a small one, the first of many.


before the summer is up, i have a few ideas about making the most of these last long days of light and warmth: picking berries and making a pie; a few more trips to the pool and/or hotsprings; some shell gathering on the beach; and at least one outdoor sleeping foray (if only on the back deck!). the good news is that 'summer' is really just arriving in the bay area and we're due for many lovely sunny days yet.


hope that wherever you are that you're well and enjoying the last of summer.

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