doing what you can

ever wonder where it all goes?
ever wonder where it all goes?

with all the chaos in the world, remaining hopeful and optimistic can be a real challenge. sometimes the little things we can do every day to live more mindfully...eating local, organic food; reducing, reusing and recycling; being mindful of consumption of goods and resources...feel a bit like a drop in the bucket. nothing much compared to the massive scope of the degradation around us.


however, despite a little personal backlash lately...feeling really disheartened, like no small act will ever make a difference...i've decided to reinvigorate my practices around mindful consumption and stewardship of the planet. although i still drive a car and take an occassional airplane ride, i'm trying to avoid unnecessary trips. also, i'm trying to avoid packaging as much as possible when i go to the market, by using my own containers and bags. and, by not purchasing things that are toxic, superfluous, or wasteful in the first place.


there's actually a lot we can do on the home front...our daily, i'm (re)starting there. while i already support our local organic farmers at the markets and send henry's lunch to school in a nifty stainless steel lunch box, i'm trying to do more by avoiding plastic and other packaging all together (which can actually be pretty difficult). along with using cloth bags for produce and bulk items and to tote my groceries home in, i'm reinvigorating my 'no plastics' rule even when/if it means not buying some of the things i prefer at the market. only buying those which are unpackaged or in fully recyclable containers. just this week, i changed laundry soap and nixed several other items off my list all together due to plastic, wasteful, or nonrecyclable packaging.


after emailing with the ecology center, a wonderful resource for mindful consumption here in berkeley, i found out that lots of the things i've been throwing into the curbside bucket aren't in fact even recyclable. they wind up in the landfill and/or floating around out in the ocean (!). so, no more little aseptic containers of juice, tofu, or soup stock for this family. and, no more cookies from trader joe's. doesn't sound like much, i know, and in the grand scheme of things i suppose it really isn't. but, as i go about my daily the realm of mothering and homemaking...i have to believe that some of the little things i do can and will make a difference. however small. here's hoping.

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