our super hero

henry is suddenly all about the 'super hero'...the boots, the masks, THE CAPES...and, of course, the running and jumping and flying everywhere. and, while it's  thrilling to see his fertile imagination blossoming...i love eavesdropping on his super hero conversations...i also worry that this getting bigger thing necessarily means getting 'tougher', too.


so, once again the sweet baby grows and, while it's really exciting to watch, i also kind of find myself mourning whatever may be falling away. every graduation onto the next thing...'big boy' this and 'big boy' that...always leaves me packing up the little boy stuff and wondering how/where the time has gone. as the soft becomes a bit more hardy, i feel both happy and sad.


of course, we want our children to grow hardy and strong...independence and self reliance are certainly desireable...but what about the toughness, the roughness, and sometimes the rudeness??? a phase, maybe...seems henry's enjoying trying on these hats as well...but, while certainly natural and healthy it can also be a bit of a shock, too. hopefully, some softness remains.


as parents we keep finding we have to (and get to) let go again and again...give up some of the control as our babies become more capable...and it's both a relief and a bit of a let down. as each skill is mastered...whether it's reliably feeding himself or being able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound...his need for us decreases. that's the good AND the bad news.


so, as the super hero takes off...perparing to fight the battles of the day...we hope he's fast enough and strong enough and yet soft enough, too. as our baby becomes a big boy, we hope the foundation we've set is sturdy and that he's able to navigate the world skillfully...that he uses his super powers to thwart the 'villians' and to help kitties from the trees, too...and, we hope the world is kind to our super hero in return. 


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