what i'm reading (and loving) now

from the author of 'momma zen', karen maezen miller does it again; elegant, concise insights on parenting and family life that are as reassuring as they are poetic and thought provoking. this book is a gem and, since it's one of the few i've read lately that's NOT from the library, a keeper. aside from being a mother and a zen priest, maezen miller is a woman moving through midlife and is a real inspiration to this forty-something momma. full of grace, humility, and good humor, she'd be my dream next door neighbor!!!

a beautiful memoir about a woman who loses a job and finds herself by slowing down, really listening and finding the true rhythm of her life. another inspiring story of a woman and a mother who reinvents herself at midlife (are you starting to notice a theme in my reading?) and...rising from the ashes of what she thinks she knows about love, life, and happiness...finds a more authentic life in 'the slow lane'. if you've lost something you thought defined you...a job, house, or relationship...this is for you.

the story of a woman and a mother at midlife (!!!) whose faith is deeply shaken by her daughter's struggle with a potentially life-threatening illness. in this memoir (another theme), we follow the author through the trials and tribulations of her young daughter's health crisis and through her own crisis of faith and hope. another insightful book by a teacher...looked to by others for 'the answers'...who has to find her own way through the dark night and reassess what matters, what she believes in, and just where god is through it all.

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