practice, practice, practice...

in a garden of little buddhas
in a garden of little buddhas

happily, our family made it to green gulch's 'first sundays' children's program this month...a real victory, i'll tell you...seems things are so overly busy that often we don't make it. however, getting there is just the first step. the trick of course is then to ARRIVE and be present for the experience. and, that's not always so easy.


the morning was simply glorious...the light was magical, the weather was warm...but, i had a hard time 'being there'. if you know what i mean. let's just say that henry, while being an absolutely delightful child, is becoming his own person. and, as every parent of a toddler can attest, that process is not always pretty.


but, it wasn't really about henry and his insistence on doing everything 'himself' and in his own sweet time. in fact, it wasn't any one of a number of things i could have blamed...for, as the buddha taught, freedom is possible in every moment despite external circumstances...but that didn't stop me. let's just say i was challenged.


however, what finally became evident to me...especially now in that being present, if not finding joy in the moment, is simply a practice. and, practice, well...practice. and, success of any this case merely being not a matter of luck but of our willingness to practice, practice, practice.


aside from this valuable insight...which i keep rediscovering...i also realized that the power of practicing in community is that we are held up and carried along by the people practicing beside us when we can't or don't see beyond our own cares and concerns. so, i'm grateful for that and for my own personal, in-house little buddha for reminding me that being present is just like anything else. it takes practice.


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