stop the maddness

oil is STILL spilling into the gulf of mexico...a sensless accident that could have been's such a sad state of affairs. what to do longterm about our dependency on oil, i don't know...being mindful of our consumption might be a great first start...but, it seems that off shore drilling is just a needless flirting with disaster. once again, corporate industry seems to be getting away with horrible trespasses against life and nature. and, it makes me sad...sad to be part of the maddness that is this addiction to oil...and, so, so sad for the ocean and all the marine life and for all the damage and distruction done, both seen and unseen.


there are several petitions out there right now calling for far, i've signed this one and this one...please consider adding your voice to the growing numbers around the world calling for more awareness and accountability. it's not much, considering the state of affairs, but it's at least something. find out more about how you can become a steward of our oceans and all the life that she supports (yours, mine).

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