suddenly, completely two

world's coolest big boy bike
world's coolest big boy bike

so, suddenly my little baby is two years old...where has the time gone...and the transformation is astonishingly complete. last week he was still a sweet baby. and, now, he's most definitley a 'big boy'. he wants to do it by himself. he's stringing together the most creative and engaging mini sentences ever uttered. he throws his long-legged, curly-headed, pink-cheeked body around to get his way, to emphasize an important point, or just to be goofy or dramatic. and, when he's really exasperated, he has started whispering 'dammit' under his breath. in fact, in the store the other evening...tired of being led on yet another errand too close to dinner time...he ran down an aisle 'whispering' that word repeatedly and rather loudly. what can i say, it was not ideal, but i had to agree with his assesment. and, it was just another reminder to be more mindful in my efforts of being conscientious of such things; not only my language (practicing right speech), but of not running myself and henry around ragged, trying to do too much, and to keep things simple. even if it is for good reason that you find yourself in the grocery store past dinner time...looking for those ecoware cups for the birthday party...letting simplicity be the final word. just doing less even if/when the intention behind the doing is good.


anyway, the party was a success...despite everything i worried about not having just right...the weather was gorgeous, the kids were in good spirits, the impromptu jam session was fun, the party hats were cute, and the homemade cupcakes were tasty. and, most importantly, the birthday boy was happy. in fact, he was ecstatic and is still working through all the excitement from the week's events, the party itself being only the culmination of it all. much of his excitement had to do with receiving his first real 'big boy bike', which he's parted with very regretfully only long enough to eat and sleep a few times since receiving. in fact, after being awoken by some rustling around in the kitchen this morning at dawn, i had to go pick him up off the bike and bring him back to bed. and, needless to say, he was not pleased. so, thank you to our benevolent's the perfect gift...henry is appreciating it beyond description.


so, aside from all the festivities and over stimulation, the thing i've been feeling this week around henry's birthday is a little bittersweetness. on the one hand it's so amazing to see him growing up before our eyes and it's a wonder to watch him becoming the person he was born to be. and, then on the other, it's astounding to really feel it in your body...the truth of how fleeting this time together is and knowing there's no slowing it down. that eventually, sooner than we might like, this little one will be up and out the door and down the road living his very own life. and, even this most beloved possession...this shiny new trike...will be just another artifact of his childhood. which pretty much goes without's obvious, kids grow up...but, it's just another thing i 'knew' but didn't really understand until the child was mine and i was the momma.


regarding this obvious, universal law of parenting...that we all must eventually let our children go...i read a wonderful article yesterday morning on the new york times parenting blog, 'motherlode', and thought you might enjoy it, too. happy reading...and, happy birthday, henry.

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