laying it on the line

catnapping in the sun
catnapping in the sun

so, here it is gentle first actual foray into the blogging world...please understand that i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing. my hope is that this will be a fairly effortless way of sharing my experiences as a 'mindful momma'. my intention is to share as openly as possible...with an eye towards my family's privacy, of course...and to reach out to other mommas (and poppas, for that matter) on this crazy path of parenthood. my greatest desire is to serve and connect and become/remain grounded while raising a happy family.


in an effort towards brevity and simplicity, each entry will probably tend towards the 'short and sweet' unless i have a particular insight, rant and/or nap time goes long. the focus will be on whatever is present in the moment...whatever inspires me to write...whether it's to share an opinion, a recipe, or just a sweet moment from the day (like coming down the hall and finding henry lazing in a patch of spring sunshine on his bedroom floor). for now, i'll leave you with a book recommendation; coop: a year of poultry, pigs and parenting by michael perry. it's a delightful and heart warming book; i really loved it and maybe you will, too.

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